Personal Styling

The New Era of Shopping!

At Jessie Blue, we refer to our associates as Retail Therapists. Because who doesn't need that kind of therapy?!

While online shopping dominates many women's preferences for selecting clothing, most women have a difficult time figuring out what looks good on their body shape and putting together a STYLE!

We take a traditional approach to helping you find the right look by showing you specific items that look good on your shape, flattering colors on YOU, and ultimately how to put the right apparel and accessory items together to create a unique but cohesive look! We also teach you how to maximize the pieces in your closet for a mix-and-match approach to style. 

Work with one of our stylists to put together a closet that inspires you daily to look your very best! 


Set up an Appointment

If are in the Fargo-Moorhead area and would like to schedule a visit in person, please contact us or call the store at 701.630.4766. If you are an online shopper only, we will still do an online session with you via a FaceTime consult on your phone. 

During this time, we will setup a personal profile for you that allows us to contact you if we see something that arrives which we think you may be interested in. For online/FaceTime sessions, we will show you not only items that are online -- but items that are in store only. And if you select something in-store for purchase, we can set up a custom order on our website just for you!



To stay on top of trends, create transitional styles from season to season and update your wardrobe regularly, we encourage you to schedule a styling session once a month. We will even look at existing pieces you have or have purchased elsewhere -- we want to help you feel good about EVERYTHING you own.

**Each styling session requires a minimum purchase of $100 per hour spent with you creating a wardrobe. 


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