You Matter

We believe in women. And we believe in the human experience that we share. While we all arrive from different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences -- we are still just that -- humans trying to find our own happiness and make a difference in this world.

Every day we greet customers in our shop and have conversations about their day. Sometimes it's a good day... sometimes it's a challenging day. Women take on ALOT. The ups and downs of life leave us wondering about our place in this world. We question our worth. We question our relationships. We question our beauty. We question our sanity at times. And we wonder if we are doing anything right at all. But we maintain our strength not just for ourselves -- but for those we love. We become the fire we fear and we keep our flame burning regardless of how we may be feeling. This is the nature of women and we at Jessie Blue are proud to support them.

We want to start a simple movement of paying the message forward to others that "YOU MATTER". When you shop in our store or online, you will receive a card in your bag/package. On it will be printed empowering words to lift you up. Collect them as a reminder to yourself that you are a valuable soul in this world. And we ask that when you are ready to -- you pay it forward by leaving it for someone else. Drop it in another woman's purse. Leave it in the freezer case at the supermarket. Put it on someone's windshield. Leave it in a book at the bookstore. Be creative and have fun!

One human at a time, we can make a difference to turn someone's day around -- and maybe someone will get a positive message at a time when they most need it and you could change the course of their life by merely changing their mindset. 

Thank you. And remember, you matter SO MUCH and you are loved.

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